The Country Park Rocks…

It’s always a pleasant trip around the Rothwell Country Park and whether you are walking, running, cycling or having a plod around with the pooch it’s a great place to let the stresses of life fade away when you are surrounded by nature.

Over the past few months I have started noticing quite a few painted rocks lying around, some colourful, some with faces and some with rhymes or sayings. It really does add to the enjoyment of being at the park when you find one of these.

It’s a trend that is growing across the UK and quite simple – get a rock, paint it and hide it, and then leave a hint on Social Media so others can find it.

The trend started back in 2016, where a local group on Facebook in Albany, Georgia, USA started and has since grown to over 8,500 members!

It’s a fun way to occupy artist minds and not only cost effective, it involves not just painting, but an appreciation of nature too.

So next time you are at the Country Park, or anywhere in the LS26 area look out for a painted rock, its yours to move on or maybe keep. For the more artist, get painting and hiding, I am looking forward to finding more and if someone could do a LS26 Local rock then it would make my day!

Here is a gallery of our finds so far….

If you spot a rock in our gallery above that you have painted, leave a comment in the section below!

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