Snail Mail 1822 Rothwell Style

The next time you are sat at your computer waiting for an expected email to drop in think about what it was like back in 1822 when it came to communication!

The nearest and most convenient Post Office for the Rothwell area, was at one time in York!

To post a letter it meant sending the letter, in the first place, by common carrier to Leeds, then by the common carrier from Leeds to York, to be posted at the Post Office. It was expensive because you had to pay the two common carriers in addition to the postage.

When Post Offices were opened in Wakefield and Leeds, there was only one common carrier to pay. In 1822 the Post Master at Leeds instituted a walking Postman, whose round included Woodlesford, Oulton and Rothwell, making daily deliveries and collecting letters.

The first sub Post Office, at Rothwell, was established in premises in Oulton Lane, Rothwell, in the 1840’s. The Post Office then moved into the Marsh, or Marsh Street, in at least two different locations, and into, at least, four different locations in Town Street / Commercial Street, to its present position.

From the book ‘Rothwell in the 900 years after Domesday’.

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  1. Hi, My name is David Parkin, I was born in the lodge house at St. George’s Hospital in November 1937. My father was Harry Parkin the head porter. I remember the Tramp wards, stables and the large allotments used for growing vegetables. Lots more happy memories

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