Logans Wakefield Cuddle Cot

Angel Wings Mum and Dad Samantha and Michael are fundraising for a Cuddle Cot a vital piece of equipment allowing grieving families the only extra time with their baby until they are laid to rest in memory of their beautiful son Logan.

This will be gifted to Howarth Funeral Services Wakefield.
Here is Logans journey in the words of his Mum Samantha….

Logan Peter Jameson-Briggs was born 22nd Oct 2013 following a healthy pregnancy. We were told a few days later that he had Down’s Syndrome. Because of this he had a heart scan where they found a hole in his heart. He had an operation at 4mths old to repair the hole and fit a pacemaker. All went well and he went on to recover well. In Sept 2014 he was admitted to hospital for 2wks with pneumonia and discharged with just a cold. In the lead up to his 1st bday he developed what we thought was a cold. He had a lovely party with family and friends. But just before Halloween we took him to the Dr’s for some antibiotics. On Halloween he went to his grandparents for the day and was due to stay over due to work. Got mummy cuddles after work and not long after I got home my whole world came crashing down. To hear those words at 19.10 get here he’s stopped breathing. We went to the hospital but there was nothing they could do his heart had stopped beating. That was the longest 3hrs of my life stuck in a tiny parents room waiting to go back and see my boy. It was then discovered that he had bronchopneumonia and which in a baby who has DS it starts as a cold and progresses quicker. We were told at the inquest 9mths later that there was nothing we would have done to prevent it . It came with no warning at all.

Please visit Logans ‘go funds’ page by clicking here. It’s a great cause and a fitting tribute to a very loved boy who so many miss.

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