Do you remember the Rothwell Pram Race?

The resources of the internet are simply amazing, when searching through the vast array of links and websites for something quite different, I came across on YouTube an old film, shot on standard 8mm film, without sound footage of a pram race held by the Rothwell and District Lions to aid funds for local charities.

The race itself I would say is more of a local pub crawl, with some fantastic glimpses of some of our sadly lost pubs and some that have changed considerably over the years. This can also be said about the area in general, the footage shows a sign for ‘New Homes’ on Springhead Road, and as the race pulls into the old Stepping Stones pub, after a quick pint, the race resumes along Haigh Road adjacent to the cemetery where the paths are still yet to be finished for the new estate.

Having crossed the junction of Styebank Lane and Haigh Road (check out the Policeman directing traffic!) the next stop is another lost pub, the Woodland Hotel, time for another pint and then back down the hill towards the centre of town.

To ensure any lost fluids are replaced from the speedy downhill trip, the White Swan is the next vital stop for those participating. We then go back up the hill and head for the Hare & Hounds, notice how narrow the street is between the pub and the adjacent building.

Sadly the film then cuts to the finish in Springhead Park, I am almost certain the old Coach & Horses on Commercial Street and the Black Bull would have been another two stops taking the total pints consumed to 6 if we work on the assumption of it being one pint per pub! Can you be arrested for being drunk in charge of a pram? In 1970, perhaps not!

The full film is here, its a wonderful piece of nostalgia, please comment if you recognise anyone or even yourself. Do you know if the race was repeated? Do you think it should be brought back for 2017? Or would the Health & Safety Police put a stop to it!



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