XRace is coming to Oulton!

The Kiwi innovation known as XRACE, is coming to our area on 23rd of June at the Oulton Community & sports club. The mystery adventure race for two-person parent-and-child teams that has been described by participants as “an amazing authentic family bonding experience”.

XRACE director Tamara Hermans said the duos race together side-by-side against other family teams to complete 10 mystery challenges that carry life skills as well. “It’s sort of like The Amazing Race but for 250 teams at once.”

Hermans said the course rewarded the teams that worked together. “They can choose their pace and go as slow or fast as they want. Completing the course is the goal.”

“It’s a 100 per cent Kiwi concept that gives kids, aged between 6 and 14, and their parents a chance to work together with times and transponders, in a competitive and co-operative environment.”

A previous XRace competitor Shane Hooks said while there were triathlons for kids and half marathon events for their parents, there was nothing for them to do together, and XRACE offered the opportunity for a memorable shared big race experience.

“It empowers kids by building their self-esteem.”

He said a permanent feature of the race was the blindfold challenge, with children guiding their blindfolded parents through an obstacle course.

Another involved parent and child working together on a secret handshake at home before the event. “That’s something that creates an indelible memory,” Hooks said.

“You actually get to have fun with your kids. Other sorts of things you just watch them compete and such, but XRACE lets you experience it with them.”

It also creates some friendly family rivalry. Last year one of the favourite challenges was sewing on a button which proved tricky for some of the father and son teams!

Families can enter at www.xrace.co.uk

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