Who rescued Woody the rescue dog?

When local dog lover Wendy Richardson chose to re-home Woody it was hoped his days of being a stray on the loose were over. Unfortunately this was not to be the case one day in May.

Woody has had a tough old time, before being rehomed with Wendy, he was found tied up in a wood with a broken leg and was thought to have been stolen. This has left poor woody with anxiety issues and as you can imagine, he is a very nervous dog… his exploits in May have certainly not helped his timidness.

Whilst at doggy day care, Woody somehow escaped and went missing, he was seen running down Leeds / Wakefield Road and eventually jumped into an open car. Woody was reunited with Wendy as he had his home details on his collar tag and despite being cold and shaking, he was no worse for his ordeal.

Wendy says’ I didn’t even know Woody was missing until the person who rescued him phoned me, it all happened so fast I didn’t have time to give his rescuers a proper thank you’

‘I am hoping Woody’s rescuer or someone who knows them, reads the LS26 Local website or is a member of their Facebook page reads the story and gets in touch so I can thank them properly’

So are you the mystery person who rescued Woody? If you are, please contact us or leave a message in the comments section.



When a pet goes missing, even for a few hours it can be a distressing time, but there is help at hand. Please see the following links:

Pets lost or stolen in Leeds – Facebook group

Lost & found pets in Leeds – Facebook group

Lost & found animals in Leeds & Wakefield & Surrounding area – Facebook group

Lost & found pets in Leeds & Surrounding area – Facebook group

Animal Search – The UK’s largest missing pet organisation and free database

Helping lost pets – website to register lost animals

Pets Located – RSPCA’s recommended lost pet website

UK Pet register – National Register for lost & found pets

You should also…

Your pets microchip – phone the database they’re registered with and report them as missing.

Contact your local dog warden.

Notify your local vets, animal hospitals and rehoming centres.

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