What’s happening at Springhead Park?

It has come to our attention that Springhead Park has become an area for groups of trouble making youths to hang out in.

We have heard reports of teenagers starting fires in the wooded area near Springhead House and also in the woods adjacent near the golf course. So far these seem to be relatively small fires but as the summer approaches and we experience drier weather, these fires could potentially cause a severe incident.

The area as we know is popular with children, dog walkers and exercise enthusiasts and such anti-social behaviour is a concern to everyone.

There has also been reports of drug paraphernalia been found at the park.

At this present time we are unsure if the police are aware of these incidents so if anyone witnesses anything suspicious please call the non emergency services on 101.

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  1. I was walking the dogs on two occasions last week and saw youths who had a lit a fire in the trees. They must have been throwing aerosol cans on to the fire and they were exploding. I wasn’t sure whether I should report it or not but now I have seen this I will report it if I see it again.

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