Then & Now…Around Rothwell

You would think that in 100 years or so the face of Rothwell would have changed considerably, but when recently flicking through a history of Rothwell book, there are some places that time has seemingly stood still.

Here are a few images that I decided to make then and now shots for:

Starting off with the Council Building in the centre of Rothwell, there’s little change apart from a missing wall and metal fence.
Does anyone remember that being taken down, was it taken down during the Second World War? If you know why, or remember please add to the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Lets take a trip just around the corner now, the angle of the shot is a bit different but we can see the Black Bull in the picture. Does anyone know what the other building was with the Tetley sign? And what did the shop to the left of the picture sell?


Time has certainly changed here, the old entrance to the St George’s hospital, the railings and a couple of the stone pillars still exist but as we know the old hospital is long gone. Is this a change for the better?


Wood Lane and again not that much has changed. Can anyone remember what the shop used to be in the old picture. Before it was fancy dress it was an off license and provisions store, but before that?


This old image of the John O’Gaunts public house looks so desolate! The dual carriageway as we know it today was pretty much a┬ásingle track road that ran through country fields until it reached Oulton and then Methley. Does anyone recall the old garage that stood where the new houses are?


The Railway Bridge in Woodlesford is one of the iconic sights of the area and we can see here that little has changed apart from the addition of a footbridge and some work to the pedestrian path. Behind the trees the brewery buildings can just about be seen.


Finally, on our way out of Woodlesford towards Swillington we see the Bridge Inn Hotel, it looks like the road took a totally different path back then, was the bridge located further back? And what happened to the buildings on the left?

If anyone knows the answers to these numerous questions, or can give us anymore information on these pictures please use the comments feature at the bottom of this page.

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