Rothwell author Caroline Draper writes a Christmas Eve Tale.

A brand new Christmas book for children, written by newly published author Caroline Draper who grew up in Rothwell will be hitting the bookshelves in early December. 

Signed copies of her book ‘ A Christmas Eve Tale’ were sold at Glamorous Gifts on Commercial Street in Rothwell during November and December.

Caroline wrote the book alongside illustrator Leah Rowe and has recently been offered a traditional publishing contract with Olympia Publishers in London.

She contacted LS26 Local to tell us a bit more about it and was happy to chat about her writing influences and growing up in Rothwell.

Tell us a bit about your new book

The story starts on Christmas Eve, when the house is still and quiet the Christmas Tree decorations come to life! 

The book follows the journey of a little Snowman trying to get to his best friend, the Christmas Tree Fairy, before Christmas Day morning. Encouraged along the way by Santa, a toy soldier and an ice skater.

But, can he reach the top of the tree before sunrise, before he transforms back into an ordinary Christmas tree decoration?

What inspired you to write your book and become an author?

I was looking at my Christmas Tree about 6/7 years ago and the figures on there, I was imagining what would happen if they came alive, what personalities would they have, what would they do and if they had some sort of mission. I started to write a little story about it and then when I had my son I worked on it more, to give him the story one day. I then plucked up the courage to send it to friends and family who all agreed I should get it published. 

Have you been influenced by any other authors with your style etc? Any favourite authors?

Enid Blyton for sure, she wrote hundreds of magical stories… some about random objects that come alive…one about an umbrella is hilarious. I love Hans Christian Anderson too, the Stead Fast Tin solider is my favourite. 

It’s a lovely book with wonderful illustrations, ideal as a bed time read for children, what things do you remember of your own childhood growing up in Rothwell?

The community spirit – I lived on Swithens Grove we used to have big gatherings on bonfire night around the back of the houses. I used to roller skate down that street at break neck speeds with my friends. 

Building igloos after the snow ploughs had been to clear the street. I loved Christmas in Rothwell too, I remember the nativity scene underneath the Christmas tree which is long gone unfortunately.

Do you plan to stick to being an author of children’s books only, or would you venture into the market for all ages? 

For now I’ll stick to children’s books, I tell my son made up stories almost every night so my head is full of them at the moment.

Your illustrator has created some beautiful illustrations, will you be teaming up again? 

I hope so, since she illustrated my book she has had to give up her job and work from home illustrating almost full time, she’s in demand and rightly so…we are in talks about a second book…so watch this space!

So you are  already thinking of your next book! 

Yes a sequel is already in my head not sure about the middle and the ending yet, I think I’ll put pen to paper again in December that’s when the inspiration starts to flow, as soon as the tree is up again decorated with my lovely little characters, they will tell me what happens next in my story…i’m sure! 

Buy your copy or find out more..

A ‘Christmas Eve Tale’ was published on 28th November  2019 and will be available from Glamorous Gifts, Commercial Street, Rothwell.

Books can also be pre-ordered online:

Facebook: @achristmasevetale

Illustrator Leah Rowe’s website:
Facebook: @Illustrationrowe

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