Lost Rothwell – Haigh Hospital

As many of know, and some remember, Rothwell had its own hospital, St Georges which was closed down in 1991, but at one point Rothwell actually had two hospitals, the second being Haigh Hospital which was closed in 1981.

The Haigh Hospital was built in 1902 by the Rothwell, Methley and Hunslet Joint Isolation Hospital Committee which was instituted under the Isolation Hospitals Act 1893. In 1948 it was placed in the Leeds B Group Hospital Management Committee and was used as a half way house for geriatric patients. Since 1970 it was attached to St George’s for administrative purposes.

Here are a few images of the hospital.

The above picture shows the main entrance to the Haigh Hospital, Rothwell, Leeds shortly after it was closed in 1981. The hospital at the time of closure contained approximately 25 patients that were all transferred to St. George’s Hospital, Ward 2.

Above we see a view from the south end of the main drive looking back towards the main gate with the Administration building Centre Right.

One of the many out buildings within the grounds of the hospital

There were two wards at the Haigh Hospital. The above picture shows the the male ward immediately to the left when entering through the main gates.

The back of the hospital’s main kitchen.

The North facing side the main Administration Block.

This is now the only remaining part of the original hospital, having been sold to a private owner prior to the demolition of the main hospital.

The old main gate pillars now form part of the drive entrance to the old Lodge which is walled off from the new housing estate that now occupies the original main hospital site.


Do you remember the Haigh Hospital? Or did you work there? Please leave a comment below.

Pictures courtesy of John Holdsworth

5 Comments on "Lost Rothwell – Haigh Hospital"

  1. My grandma was in there with Scarlet Fever some time in the early 1900s. She always referred to it as ‘the fever hospital’.

  2. Rose Robinson (I was Rosemary Hartley then) | 12th April 2017 at 9:09 pm | Reply

    I did some OT work there on a few occasions when I worked at St George’s

  3. my late mother Irene nee ward Johnson was an Auxiliary nurse at both hospitals they were elderly care both now housing

  4. My parents used to own the house that stands today

  5. Gavin worrillow | 13th April 2017 at 12:33 pm | Reply

    I sang there at harvest festival and Christmas from Haigh road school in the 1970s

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