Life In Rothwell 1909 – Part 2

Another quick trip back in time to 1909 and a chance to share some of the news that was reported on Friday May 21st in the first edition of the Rothwell Times.

The main news being the death local man William Butler who worked for Bentleys Brewery:

An inquiry was opened yesterday morning by the West Riding Coroner, Mr. P. P Maitland, into the circumstances attending the death of William Butler, of 11, Eshald Place, Woodlesford, whose death took place early on Wednesday morning last. Mr. J North was foreman of the jury. Mrs Butler, in giving evidence, said the deceased was 50 years of age, and had been employed as a dray man at Messrs Bentley’s Yorkshire Breweries. He had been a healthy man until about two years ago, when he was attended by Dr. Seville. He was also off work about three weeks before last Christmas. On Thursday week he complained of pain in the left hand which prickled and smarted very much, and he asked his wife to look at it, the deceased informing her that he had got a piece, in it from one of the hoops of a barrel whilst unloading in the brewery yard. He was off work on Tuesday and Wednesday the 12th and 13th. He did not get up on Friday last, and Dr. Seville was called in and attended him until his death. The Doctor saw him also twice on Monday last and said the thumb appeared to be the cause of his suffering. He became worse and died on Wednesday morning about 4 a.m. Dr. Seville, in giving evidence said he had known the deceased for about five years. He had attended him in 1907 when he was suffering from diabetes. He also attended him in 1908 for a feverish cold. On the 14th May – this year he also attended him and examined an abscess he had on the ball of the left thumb. He opened it, but did not do any probing, nor did he see any foreign body leave it, He attended him until his death. He also made a post mortem examination and found no external marks excepting that at the thumb. The liver was enlarged, but the lungs, heart, and brain were in a healthy condition. As there was some doubt as to whether the thumb trouble had been the cause of death the inquest was adjourned until Wednesday next, when further evidence will be given.

There is also an interesting article relating cancer to clay pipe smoking:

To finish our ‘Part 2’ of Life In Rothwell 1909 here are a few adverts from the time, some interesting ones too!

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