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Karate is Japanese meaning “empty-hand” and is a martial art that primarily stresses the use of the hands and feet to strike, but also includes throws, locks and other effective fighting techniques. Training in Karate emphasises energetic yet refined and graceful movement, so it’s a fantastic method of exercise for anyone of any age; you don’t need any specialist equipment, you don’t need a lot of space, you can practice anywhere and regular training shall undoubtedly improve your overall health and fitness levels. 

Karate developed 100s of years ago in Okinawa, a chain of islands off the south coast of the Japanese mainland. It was predominantly influenced by the fighting arts of China and at the start of the 20th century spread to Japan, where in the latter half of the same century it spread across the globe. 

Karate’s traditional and original purpose has always been a way of using the hands and feet to avoid injury when fending off an unwanted physical attack. In accordance with Karate’s original purpose, at the club we impart suitable skills that, if needed, will support you in avoiding violence and assist you escaping from it.   

Karate is also a renowned sport, akin to kick boxing that for the first time shall feature in the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. At the club we teach the sporting qualities of Karate, reaping the many benefits of effective sports training, and for those that chose to do so, we partake in local competitions. 

What are the benefits of Karate?

Karate is based in the principles of respect, hard work and tenacity. Karate seeks to instil these qualities in people by allowing them to realise the importance of respect, as well as demonstrating that hard work and tenacity leads to great success. 

Training in Karate develops and exercises the whole body and has many physical benefits – amongst others it improves balance, coordination, posture and flexibility, with regular training leading to a sustained healthy physical condition. Many people who practice Karate are known to have lived well into old age in relatively good health, often contributing this to their Karate training and therefore continue to train despite their aging years! 

Karate, if practiced regularly is documented to have many mental health benefits such as an increased sense of confidence and self-esteem; this stems from regular practice where goal orientated training leads to recognised success such as the next belt or a competition trophy, which in turn promotes a positive mental attitude. Amongst other benefits Karate also allows for improved focus, concentration and leads to strengthened resolve when met with any challenging encounter, whether that be physical or otherwise. 

The Rothwell Karate Club.

Rothwell Karate Club is an amateur, non-profit club that has been practicing Karate for over 40 years at Rothwell Sports Centre. We seek to bring the many benefits of Karate to any who wish to train with us and have fun doing so, keeping our sessions on a PAYG basis; with no monthly contracts it allows Karate to be accessible to everyone. We train every Thursday at Rothwell Sports Centre, 6:30pm-8:30pm and anyone is welcome, kids and/or adults, to come along or contact us regarding Karate training. For further details please check out our website www.rothwellkarateclub.co.uk. 


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