Join Our ‘Postcard To Home ‘Project

This Summer LS26 Local with the help of Dementia Friendly Rothwell have teamed up with Oulton Manor Care Home to create our ‘Postcard To Home’ Project.

Now we have approached holiday season and the kids have broke up from school and everyone is frantically packing their suitcases for Spain, Skegness or Scotland and stocking up on suncream or travel games we thought it would be the ideal time to launch our ‘Postcard To Home’ project to send your holiday postcards to the care home residents.

All we ask is that when you are away on holiday you send a postcard back home to our friends at the Oulton Manor Care Home with a few words about your well earned holiday. It really doesn’t have to be much, you can write a few short words about the weather, the food, how your journey was – anything!

It’s something great to include the children with, why not let them choose the card and maybe write a message.

Any postcard will do, something bright with a local scene would be nice, but even an old retro style card would bring a laugh and a smile to those who read it!

Further more it doesn’t matter where you are going, or how long for, a postcard from someone on a day trip to Filey is just as good as a postcard from someone backpacking around Australia for 3 months!

The idea is that the residents will have something exciting to receive in the post, which reminds them of previous holidays, days out, friends, and postcards they’ve sent and received. It will also be great to see how many the amazing people of Rothwell and the surrounding area will send in, our community is very responsive to projects such as this and we are sure you won’t let us down!

So if you are going away on holiday soon, or reading this whilst on holiday please consider sending a ‘postcard to home’.

Please address it to:


We will keep you up-to-date with how the project progresses both here on our website, and in our monthly magazine.

Happy holidays, we look forward to receiving your postcard!