Ideas to keep sane whilst in self-isolation

With the recent advice from the UK Government for over 70’s or those with an ongoing health issue to self isolate for up to 12 weeks as protection against the current Coronavirus outbreak, we have prepared a list of ideas to make staying at home a bit more bearable!


As spring is approaching and hopefully better weather, it could be an ideal opportunity to do those early sping jobs – check out our ‘Roots & Shoots’ article!

Write a letter or send a postcard

The art of letter writing seems to be a thing of the past with modern technology but why not send a friend or loved one a letter. I’m sure most of us will have a friend or relative who can pop it in a postbox.

Write a journal or book

Many people have said that we are going through a period of time that will be documented for future generations in history books, so why not keep a journal of events? For those more creative you could even try your hand at writing a book or short story.

Organise stuff!

No excuses now to not organise your clothes, music collection or that stack of DVD’s taking up space in the living room cupboard.

Get on the blower!

Why not pick up the phone and telephone a friend or loved one, its a great way to keep in touch without any unneccessary visits.


When you’ve finished reading LS26 Local why not pick up that book that you have been meaning to read for ages?


You might fancy staying active by decorating a room or just getting some of those odd jobs sorted around the house.

Avoid daytime television

We all have that stack of DVD’s and by the time you have reached this idea, they should have been sorted into some kind of order! Alternatively check out YouTube and look for an old programme that you have not seen for ages.


Dig out those old board games and remind your spouse just who the master is at Kerplunk! If those board games are long gone there are plenty of online games sites with literally hundreds of games you can play for free – our recommendation is (you will need to register).

Create a photo album

Remember when we would get our photos developed and printed out? Why not dig them out and create an album or if you are feeling more adventurous and have access to a scanner, get them scanned in and create an online album to share with friends and family.


Try one of Majorie Quinns recipes or just your signature dish.

Start a new hobby

There are some hobbies you can just start from scratch at home, maybe drawing or even learn a language – the ‘Duolingo’ app is a great fun learning tool.

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