Food Waste Collection Study

We are calling on the good community of LS26 to help out a student with a study on the food waste collection which runs in our area.  Please may I ask you all to take a moment to read the below article from Katherine herself, to explain the details of her study.
Many thanks to you all in advance…..

Dear residents of LS26,
I am a PhD student in the School of Health and Community Studies at Leeds Beckett University. I am researching food waste collection programmes and waste behaviour, and am using the separate food waste collection scheme in LS26 as a case study. I am currently recruiting participants for my study. The main aim of my research is to find out how people use their food waste bins and caddies. I am interested in how people’s food waste habits have (or haven’t) changed since they started using the food waste bins. I am also interested in finding out more about what may help or hinder people in engaging with the food waste collection programme.
So whether you regularly use your food waste bin or you never have – I am interested in hearing your views and would welcome the opportunity to interview you! Please consider participating in the study. Participation involves taking part in an interview, which should take between 30-60 minutes to complete. Participation in the study is voluntary and you have the right to stop the interview at any time. Your responses will remain anonymous.
If you are interested in taking part in the study, please email me:
Or take a look at my website for more information:
Thank you for taking the time to read this letter, and I hope to hear from you soon.