Get prepared for Winter motoring!

When the leaves start falling and colder weather arrives it’s important to know that your car is ready for the inclement weather.

Our friends and advertisers LHA Car & Commercial over at the Pelican Works just off Wood Lane have kindly produced a car checklist to ensure you and your trusty runabout are both ready for the oncoming Winter months.

According to Auto Express breakdowns more than double during the winter months, as snow, ice, wind and rain cause havoc with driving conditions. However, a few easy checks can ensure both you and your car are prepared:

1) Check your car battery

Cold and damp weather takes its toll on your battery life. If your car is struggling to start on a morning, it’s likely it

If unsure, get a professional to check your battery

is on it’s on its way out. You can test the battery yourself, but you need the correct equipment, you can pick up a car battery tester from most car parts shops and also online for as little as £10. However, the easiest solution is to ask an expert who can check the battery and if required fit you a new one.


It’s an important check as being stranded in a vehicle with no means of running the engine for warmth can be very dangerous.

2) Check the Antifreeze level

Antifreeze stops the water in the engine’s cooling system from freezing, pretty much what its name is! To test the effectiveness of your antifreeze, you’ll need a tester, which cost around £5. It’s a simple enough procedure to be done when the engine is cold, unscrew the coolant cap under the bonnet, dip the tube into the coolant and squeeze the rubber bulb on the end to suck some antifreeze inside the tester. You can then read the freezing point of the antifreeze using the scale inside the tester.

3) Check your Screenwash

This time of year can be a dirty time as the roads are wet and kick up all sorts of mud and debris, always ensure you have enough screenwash to be able to wipe away the dirt and grime from your windscreen.

Open the windscreen washer bottle under the bonnet, and fill it with screen wash. Water on its own is not suitable as it can freeze, but screenwash has a lower freezing temperature than water alone, so you shouldn’t end up with frozen washer jets. You can buy screenwash ready mixed or concentrated which you will need to mix with water.

4) Check your car’s lights

During the dark winter nights, your car lights are an important factor to ensure you are safe whilst motoring. Take the time to check your lights from time to time and make sure they are clean so any dirt or grime does not dull the effectiveness of the beam.

It’s also a prudent idea to carry extra bulbs in case of a failure.

5) Have an emergency kit

It may sound extreme, but having an emergency kit can be a lifesaver. We have not experienced heavy snow in Rothwell for a good few years but there is no harm in being prepared. Here is a quick list of some great items to carry with you:

• A charger for your mobile phone
• Hi-visibility vest
• A first aid kit
• Some de-icer and an ice scraper
• A hazard warning triangle
• A shovel
• A tow rope
• Extra bulbs
• Boots suitable for snow or mud such as Wellingtons
• A torch and batteries
• Some extra warm clothes
• A Blanket
• Food & Drink, Thermos flask.

Take advantage of an FREE winter check at LHA Car & Commercial.

Not everyone feels confident enough to perform winter checks themselves. LHA Car & Commercial are offering an FREE winter check where their experienced mechanics will check tyre pressures, antifreeze levels, screenwash, oil level etc and be on hand for any questions you may have. It’s a great offer and worth taking advantage of, especially for anyone with limited experience of car maintenance.

Take advantage of LHA’s FREE winter check.

You can call LHA to arrange this on 2889777 or call in to see them at the Pelican Works, near the Whale Bones on Wood Lane. They will be happy to help and not only that, have a warm waiting room, suitable for families so you can relax while they check your car over ready for the dreaded winter months!

LHA’s warm family friendly waiting room

You can also visit their website to find out about their latest offers and other services –