Beware of contamination in River Dolphin

Please be aware that due to recent reports in local media the River Dolphin has been contaminated with pollution. According to an article in the Yorkshire Evening Post, straw hay bales have been placed to stop polluted water running into the River Dolphin (aka Oulton Beck).

LS26 Local find the news of this pollution literally disgusting, especially as it has only been local media that has brought the problem into the public eye.

The hay bales have been seen in the drainage overflow which runs through the rose garden in Springhead Park and into the River Dolphin for at very least 2 months according to local residents.

Today LS26 Local has received a message saying the hay bales have been spotted further down in the River Dolphin (see above picture).

Please do not allow your children or pets to play in the water until this problem has been resolved.

Additionally I would urge all LS26 Local readers to contact Yorkshire Water to complain about this issue and ensure the resolution of this problem is placed on high priority:

You can call them on 0345 1 24 24 24 or alternatively visit their website by clicking here.
You can also tweet them via @YWHelp or message them on Facebook here Р@yorkshirewater

Main picture courtesy of Daniel Clark and featured with thanks.

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